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Dublin City University (Ireland) Held an Online Program Promotion Meeting to STUBS Students

Post Time: 2021/05/17 15:22:27

On May 12that 4 pm, the Dublin City University (DCU) who is the partner school of STUBS, held an online program promotion meeting for the students from STUBS and other Schools of the university. Ms. Wang Xiaoxia, the chief of International Office of DCU, and Prof. Gao Yuhui from Business School of DCU and Ms. Yang Meiyi, an outstanding graduate of DCU host the meeting. The meeting has attracted many students from School of Business and other schools of STU.

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Firstly, Ms. Wang Xiaoxia briefly introduced the basic information of Ireland, and the international rankings of Dublin City University, faculty, campuses, living and studying environment, teaching characteristics etc. Then, she introduced in detail the exchange programs (tuition free) with STUBS, 3+1+1 program, study abroad program, and other international programs with School of Liberal Arts and School of Engineering of Shantou University, which have aroused strong interests among the students.

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Afterwards, Associate Professor Gao Yuhui from DCU Business School added to the long-term cooperation between Shantou University and DCU. Ms. Yang Meiyi, an outstanding DCU alumna, also shared her life and study in DCU. She encouraged students to study hard, seize the opportunity and actively strive to go abroad to receive excellent international education.

At the end of the meeting, the guest speakers from DCU answered students’ questions one by one and gave many practical suggestions to them on studying abroad. Through this online meeting, the students had a deeper understanding of the cooperation programs between Shantou University and Dublin City University. This meeting was a complete success.