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Enterprise Research - Exploring the Digital Transformation Path of Listed Companies

Post Time: 2021/05/25 09:49:56

On the morning of May 14, 2021, the undergraduate students and graduate students of School of Business went to Lafang China Co., Ltd for a research trip led by Prof. Shuxiang Chen. The students visited Lafang's image exhibition hall and discussed the methods and experiences of digital transformation of listed companies with corporate executives.

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Firstly, Mr. Xianying Chen, Director of the Lafang CEO's Office, led the students to visit Lafang's image exhibition hall and introduced the corporate culture and the development history of Lafang to the students. After that, Director Xianying Chen led the students to visit a variety of product booths of the company and introduced the functions and differences of different products to the students in detail.


After that, Mr. Xianying Chen, and Mr. Zhang Le who is the CEO’s Assistant held a roundtable meeting with the students to share the methods and experiences of digital transformation implemented by listed companies.



In addition, Mr. Zhang shared the differences between enterprise digitalization and informatization, made a detailed analysis of enterprise digitalization development. He also discussed with the students in depth on how to improve the enterprise capabilities through digitalization so that the students have a deeper understanding of the digital transformation of listed enterprises.





Through this research trip, the students successfully combined theory with research practices. This trip is a good way to enrich the traditional classroom teaching and promote the development of school-enterprise cooperation platform at the same time.


(Lafang China Co.,Ltd is located in Shantou City, Guangdong Province, and is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange as an A-share company. Its products cover a wide range of fields such as shampoo and hair care, cleaning and bathing, skin care and oral care.)