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20th Anniversary Reunion of 97 STUBS Enterprise Management Alumni Was Successfully Held.

Post Time: 2021/05/20 16:16:02

From May 1 to 2, 2021, the alumni of Shantou University, who majored in Enterprise Management in the year of 1997, gathered at their alma mater and held a reunion event with the theme of "20th anniversary reunion of 97 Enterprise Management graduation". Professor Lin Danming, Professor Xu Zongling, Director Zeng Rui from the STU president’s office, Director Chen Yinglin from the department of external connections, and Associate Professor Chen Errui from STUBS were invited to attend the event.

On the afternoon of May 1, with the assistance of the alumni work office, alumni returned to the campus by completing the admission application procedures in advance due to the pandemic. The alumni exchanged greetings, strolled around and talked about the past, present and future. The joy of reuniting with old friends lingered.


Walking on the quiet and tranquil pathway of the campus, feeling the changes of the campus and looking at the vigorous students around them, the alumni signed with emotion that their university life seemed like yesterday. After that, the alumni attended the meeting held in a classroom with their teachers and classmates. They watched the commemorative video produced by the STU alumni office for this reunion.




Professor Lin Danming and Professor Xu Zongling fully affirmed the achievements of the alumni, hoped the alumni to deepen the friendships of each other and continue to care and support the development of the university.

Other teachers congratulated on this reunion and introduced the recent developments of the university to the alumni. They said that every little achievement and every step made in the development of the university were greatly attached to the concern, support and help from the alumni. They hoped the alumni can continuously uphold the alumni covenant, love Shantou University and dedicate to the society.





The alumni also shared their life experiences and perceptions concerning their learning and working experiences in the 20 years after the graduation and expressed their gratitude to their alma mater for the cultivation. Some alumni unable to attend the meeting also recorded videos to express their nostalgia for their classmates and teachers and their blessings to the university.


        At the end of the meeting, the melody of "The Great Learning" slowly sounded in the classroom. Students and teachers reminisced about the old days with the song. The meeting ended in memories. The alumni reunion was a complete success.