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Mysterious Real Estate World—School of Business Held A Sharing Session on Real Estate Industry

Post Time: 2021/04/08 00:00:00

On March 31, 2021, the School of Business and China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd Shantou branch jointly held a sharing session on real estate career planning. Two senior lecturers from China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd Shantou branch were invited to share the latest projects and contents of real estate business and marketing with the students, revealing the mysterious real estate world.

Mrs. Liu, Manager of China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd Shantou branch, shared on the marketing development of real estate industry for the students. She primarily introduced the various stages of real estate marketing development, and through the classic cases, as well as the exploration path of Gold Coast Project from deadlock to brand and national territory expansion. The students got a preliminary knowledge and understanding on real estate marketing development.

Then, Mr. Feng, Senior Manager of Commercial, shared his growing experience in China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd, and gave a detailed introduction of company's cultural tourism commercial. He also shared the progress of Gold Coast's project in 2020, so that the students could see the broad development prospect and strong foundation of China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd while getting a deeper understanding of the Gold Coast Project.

Through this industry sharing session, the two lecturers taught the students the whole process of real estate marketing and management business with real estate projects as examples, uncovered the business logics behind the high-profile business management. These gave the students a deeper understanding and knowledge of real estate marketing and commercial real estate, laying a solid foundation to students for their future career planning.